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Ihr Browser hat Probleme die Webseite ordentlich anzuzeigen. Das hängt damit zusammen, das er CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) nicht korrekt darstellt. Das ist eigentlich nur bei älteren Browsern der Fall. Wir haben uns Mühe gegeben damit die Webseite sauber angezeigt wird, aber man kann nicht wirklich auf alle Browser-Versionen Rücksicht nehmen.

If you wish to update your browser to a more current version we would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of your Operating Systems. We can also suggest the browsers of the Mozilla Project or the ones from the company Opera.

But you are welcome to use one of the ways mentioned below to get in contact with me and we can arrange any further contact.

(Since I published my Informations here the amount of spam has to risen to unacceptable Levels, so I refrain to give my information as pictures insteads. And to get around the OCR-Software that is already used by those Spammers i try to make the pictures a little more difficult to read. Sorry for any inconvinience ...)

Since I'm traveling a lot your only means to get in touch with me are my EMail-Address and the Fax. I also had my cell phone number published here before, but I got a lot of unwanted calls and messages so I now refrain to hand it out only on personal request.

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