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This Website is "work in progress". Every time I think that I may have enough spare time to extend it I sign the next contract, accept the next challenge. To that extent this Website will never be complete or meet my own standards. In addition I made the sorrowful experience, that is counter productive to wait with the update of the site until I feel content with the added pages. Too much time will pass then between updates.

And I'm sorry to say that is especially true for the english pages.

September 2005 I think the problem with learning English as a autodidact is that someone is missing to correct even the most obvious mistakes. And talking, with native english speakers, especially americans, does not help. I should try to get a contract in england to climb to the next level of knowledge. Anyway, for the future I decided to do the next incarnation of my site mostly in english.
September 2004 Over the last years my written English has been getting better and better. I still may make any English Teacher laugh about the way i use the tenses and still miss some of the more complex vocabulary. But I'm getting better. My current Project is in a kind of break. I will use that to bring my booklist up to date. And since my Provider finally switched Python 2.3.4 i can switch my MoinMoin-Wiki from 1.x to 1.2.3 .
2003-02-28 Switch to CSS.
2003-01-11 First english Page....